We get women into tech!

Let's close the tech talent gap together.

In our 4-month Femture Bootcamp, we create a safe and empowering learning environment in which women learn how to code and get trained in professional skills and soft skills by senior women in tech. And all of that is PAID from the start on and a job placement is guaranteed!




Next Femture Bootcamp starting
in September 2022 in Groningen!

I identify as a woman and I am ready to code. Sign me up!

Bootcamp starting in September 2022 in Groningen!

What's in it for you?

  • No prior knowledge in tech needed

  • You get a competitive salary from the start

  • 14% monthly Femture Bonus (yes, that's right)

  • Guaranteed job placement after Bootcamp

The Femture Bootcamp

  • 4-month, full-time and hybrid in Groningen

  • Learn front-end development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular

  • Learn back-end development: Python, Java or PHP & Laravel

  • Learn about UX/UI design

  • Learn about Agile Scrum, Git and project management

  • Safe and empowering learning environment

  • Professional training by senior women in tech

I am looking for female tech talent to join my team.

25 Female developers ready to be placed!

Why Femture?

Invest in your future workforce and attract female talent that will help you grow and scale your tech-driven business. Femture recruits women with no technical background into the Bootcamp, re-trains them in the coding languages that you use and ongoingly trains them in tech, professional and soft skills while they work for you.

What's in it for you?

  • We recruit suitable candidates for you

  • We train women in tech in our Bootcamp

  • We help you retain female tech talent

  • Possibility to hire individuals or a whole DevTeam

  • We can adjust the Bootcamp to your specific needs

How we work

1. Recruitment

We invite applicants to a ONE-DAY ASSESSMENT in Groningen in which we test their tech-affinity and make a selection of 25 women to join our Femture Bootcamp.

2.  Bootcamp

In our PAID BOOTCAMP they learn how to do front and back-end development, get professional and soft skill trainings by leading women in tech.

3. Traineeship

Our Bootcmap graduates are placed on client projects and are ONGOINGLY TRAINED and guided by our tech and professional skill coaches.

Femture is a collaboration of
CodeGorilla and Klapstoel Academy

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What People Say About Femture

"Femture is the future of tech. We need, no, we want women to join our industry and create a legacy."