Female Tech Talent

Whether you are looking for a complete development team for your project or need developers to complement your own team; we have the right tech talent available!


Our mission is to close the tech talent gap

We recruit, re-train and retain female tech talent. Our aim is to up the percentage of female talent in tech and set young women on their path to become tomorrow's CTOs and tech entrepreneurs.


Open Vacancies in Tech

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Female Developers

How we work

1. Recruitment

We recruit highly-educated women with no technical background but an affinity for tech for our Femture Traineeship.

2.  Bootcamp

25 women are invited to join our Femture Bootcamp and get trained in front and back-end-development, professional and soft skills.

3. Traineeship

After the Bootcamp, we have a traineeship period in which our Bootcamp graduates work for you on a project and get ongoingly trained by us.

4. Hire

Once the traineeship ended, you can hire our professional tech talent into you company.

The Femture Traineeship


1 Month Self-Study

Front-End Development

Learn how to develop the user interface of a website through the use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, UX/UI Design.

Professional & Life Skills

Agile Scrum / Project Management / Organizational Structure / Consultancy Skills


3 Months on Location in Groningen

Back-End Development

Learn how software works in the back on the server side, through the use of Java. We also offer a Infrastructure program.

Professional & Life Skills

Testing / GIT / Career Strategy / Conflict Management / Resilience / Leadership / Parenthood

Work Experience

9 Months Your & Our Location

36 h/Week on Project

They work four and a half days a week for you in a team of Bootcamp graduates and our tech coach.

4 h/Week on Development

Four hours a week is dedicated to their professional development in tech and professional skills.

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