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Femture Traineeship starting in September in Groningen and teach me how to code.


The Femture Traineeship


1 Month Self-Study

Front-End Development

Learn how to develop the user interface of a website through the use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, UX/UI Design.

Professional & Life Skills

Agile Scrum / Project Management / Organizational Structure / Consultancy Skills


3 Months on Location in Groningen

Back-End Development

Learn how software works in the back on the server side, through the use of Java.

Professional & Life Skills

Testing / GIT / Career Strategy / Conflict Management / Resilience / Leadership / Parenthood

Work Experience

9 Months Hybrid in Groningen

36 h/Week on Project

You work four and a half days a week for your client in a team of Bootcamp graduates and our tech coach.

4 h/Week on Development

Four hours a week is dedicated to your professional development in tech and professional skills.

Four of many reasons why tech is a career for you

The Future is Tech & Female

Digital technology is at the forefront of our ever-evolving world and the tech industry is longing for diverse tech talent to be part of transforming the reality we live in.

Wow that Salary!

There is a high demand for individuals with technical skills and companies are willing to pay good money for your expertise.

Constant Learning & Developing

Technology is ever changing and companies invest in their tech talent to stay up to date on latest developments and grow them as professionals.

Flexible Working Conditions

The tech world is not know for 9-5 schedules. In the spirit of agile working, it's one of the leading industries when it comes to flexible working hours and location.

Who are we looking for? 

Your characteristics 

The Femture Traineeship takes place in Groningen!

We are looking for women with an interest in tech but a technical background is no must to get started with our Femture Bootcamp. We look for affinity for tech and this is as simple as being good in learning a language, so already being bilingual is great starting point. If you already did some coding in the past - great - our Traineeship is for all levels of experience.

What we offer you

  • ​Kick-start your career in tech

  • A competitive salary from the start

  • 13% monthly Femture bonus (yes, that's still right)

  • Guaranteed job placement after Traineeship

  • Safe and fun learning environment

  • Training by leading women in tech

  • Learn on the job and be guided by our tech coaches

How to apply?

Apply For Traineeship

Fill out our application form. No motivation letter needed, don't ya worry. You will hear back from us soon if you get invited to the assessment day.

Assessment Day

We will have you play some games and talk with you to assess your affinity for tech. You will hear back from us within two weeks if you are selected for the Femture Traineeship.

Start Traineeship

25 women are invited to join this round of Femture Traineeship and will be trained in front and back-end development, professional skills and soft skills.